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Where We Come From

Seresade and myself have both come from Tourism Backgrounds and looking for an opportunity where we could put all our skills to the test, we decided to purchase Estepona Port Business & Internet Centre in 2015. We felt it would be the perfect opportunity for us to exploit our skills and develop new ones along the way - so yes you will all be guinea pigs at some point when you visit us :)

I am originally from the Guildford area in the south of England but since university I have been working abroad before finally settling down here in Estepona.

Seresade is an Estepona local but moved away to study in The Netherlands before slowly heading home via Mallorca and Ibiza.

Our new colleague, Cecilia, is a local from right here in Estepona and can speak 3 languages, English, French and Spanish.

The developement of the business is one of our key goals and like the previous owners we will be looking to focus on the unique selling points - which are currently our range of products not available elsewhere in the area - Barcino Ceramics, Oliver Weber Jewellery, Swing Cards, Pygmalion Glass Jewellery and more.

The Story Continues.......

Andrew, Seresade and Cecilia

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