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Cycle Hire: Hire a City Bike or Hybrid Bike From Estepona Port Business and Internet Centre (EportBic)

Hire a bicycle for 4 hours for 7 €, plenty of time to enjoy the paseo at Estepona and the new Estepona cycle track that takes you through Estepona from west to east and back again. The route takes in the scenic areas, the old town and the paseo and has a number of cycle stands where you can lock up your bicycle and enjoy refreshment at nearby cafes, bars and restaurants. If you are looking to go further afield or would like to have a bike available for your entire stay in Estepona then you are more than welcome to hire the bikes from half a day or longer.


2 hours 4.00€
4 hours 7.00€
8 hours 10.00€
24 hours 15.00€
2 Days 25.00€
3 days 35.00€
4 days 45.00€
5 days 55.00€
6 days60.00€
7 days 65.00€
Extra Days 5.00€

Deposit 100 € per bike - refunded when cycles returned in good condition.
Passport or ID card essential.

Helmets, locks and saddle backs (for hybrid bikes) are supplied on request for each cyclist. Cyclists under the age of 16 are required by law to wear a helmet

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