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Granada - Parque de las Ciencias

Science Park, Granada

The Science Park at Granada is a total contrast to Pradollano even though the two are only 30 minutes driving time apart.

Was the Velociraptor a bird or a dinosaur? At the moment you can decide for yourself since scientists are torn over the answer, some using recent fossil finds to insist that Velociraptor had feathers and was a flightless bird whilst others maintain it had no feathers and was a dinosaur. The animated model and related presentation at the Science Park in Granada show this, after Jurassic Park anyhow, famously fierce creature, with feathers.

Just outside this exhibition you will come across, almost inevitably in a science museum, a Foucalt's pendulum. Rather than stand there for up to an hour to see the next skittle knocked over, well you can if you want to, just keep returning between visits to the other exhibition halls.

Science Park, Granada

Venture outside the main hall and you will come across an exhibition that compliments the 'History of Timekeeping' series. Correctly aligned with the sun are a number of instruments that illustrate man's attempts to accurately measure the seasons and time from the dawn of history, including a model of Stonehenge. As they say, 'a picture is worth a thousand words' so for those who were interested in the series this exhibition is recommended, but go on a sunny day.

Back in the main hall there is another exhibition that nicely illustrates a series of articles that have appeared here, 'What the Arabs did for Andalucia'. Again for anybody interested in this period of Spanish history it has lots of pertinent information. One of the exhibits is a nifty demonstration of how the Arabs had worked out how to make water flow uphill without the benefit of a pump that neatly illustrates how the fountains and water features in the Alhambra work.

Many will be interested in the display of writing machines, calculators and heavy machinery that basically covers technological progress over the last two hundred years.

Science Park, Granada

OK that's the adults engrossed but what about the kids? Take them to the tropical butterfly house. It is a small but enchanting temperature and humidity controlled building full of exotic plants and even more exotic butterflies. Or you could let them loose on the 'hands on' water experiments, everything from a working Archimedes screw to a 'make your own whirlpool'. It is a commonly held belief that water will rotate anticlockwise through a plughole in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the south, sorry, there is a convincing experiment here that demonstrates otherwise.

A lift will take you to the top of a 50 metre observation tower from which there are panoramic views over Granada. There is also a planetarium and, at certain times in the mornings and evenings, an observatory from which you can view the sky through a 75cm telescope.

The Park is off the Granada Ring Road, exits 131 and 132. It is open 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 2pm on Sunday. Admission prices are 4.50 Euros for the museum with a 2 Euro supplement for the Planetarium and a further supplement if there is a separate exhibition in the Exhibition Hall.

Science Park, Granada

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