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Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro - The New Town of Guadiaro

Two kilometres west of Torreguadiaro, on the western bank of the Rio Guadiaro is the relatively new town of Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro. The old town of Guadiaro is a little further upriver located at the point where it was first possible to cross the river, at first by ferry boat, then by a metal bridge built in the 19th century. Notable for its citrus fruit growing, Guadiaro outgrew the small valley in which it sits and extended itself south into what became known simply as Pueblo Nuevo, new town. Pueblo Nuevo really started to expand in the 1960's when more accommodation was built to house the builders and workers on the burgeoning Sotogrande estate. Shops and bars soon followed and a central square, surrounded by businesses developed. The town itself is a curious mix of typical Spanish architecture with more modern buildings alongside. Nowhere though has a developer been tempted to build high-rise style apartments so the overall impression is of a town somewhat older than it is.

Here you will find diverse retail businesses ranging from Sotosolar, an ultra modern supplier of the latest solar panels to the English Butcher selling, as the name suggest, English cuts of beef, lamb and pork. Nearby in a brand new commercial development, Sotovilla, you will find Abbeygate Insurance and Anglo Wines with a huge range of wines from all over the world.

Just behind the church is a high, long, symmetrical, grass covered mound. Legend has it that it is a Bronze Age burial mound. Legend or not the area has certainly been inhabited since those times, first by the Iberians who would have seen the first Phoenician ships pass by on their way to Cadiz, then the Romans, the Visigoths swung through here on their way to North Africa and the Arabs made themselves at home though made little impression on these small coastal towns. The inhabitants of Guadiaro would hardly have noticed their passing as the Christian Monarchs replaced them. Life continued peacefully until modern times and still does so today.

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