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Ibex Insurance Services at Estepona Port Business & Internet Centre

Ibex Insurance Services at Estepona Port Business & Internet Centre (EportBic)

Funeral Plans

Living in Spain?
Pre planning a funeral is essential for peace of mind
Emergency helpline 24/7 365 days a year
Just one phone call takes care of everything
Operating for over 25 years
UK based company
Instalment Plans Available

Motor Insurance

Insure motor cars, vans, scooters and motorcycles in Spain with an English insurance company. Also bespoke 4 x 4 insurance.

House Insurance

Feel more secure with home insurance. Protect your property and building. For those renting a property look at cost effective contents only insurance. UK style policy with 1.5 million Euros public liability.

Pet Insurance

Pets can be an expensive addition to the home. Insure against injury and illness and subsequent vet's fees.

Holiday Home Insurance

Your holiday property could be vulnerable when you are not living in it. Special rates apply to those who only spend part of the year in Spain.

Medical Insurance

Protect yourself from huge medical bills for unforeseen injuries and illnesses. If you are not in the Spanish Social Security system and not of pensionable age and living in Spain for more than six months each year then you are not covered by the E111 card issued in the UK.

Travel Insurance

Going on holiday from Spain or travelling from Spain on business? You can either have insurance to cover all risks whilst abroad for the period of your journey or for frequent travellers, a cost effective annual insurance.

Marine Insurance

All types of pleasure craft covered at Lloyds of London (Navigators and General).

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