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Internet Anywhere with our Bespoke Pay As You Go Package

Internet Anywhere with our Bespoke Pay As You Go Package

Purchase Your Unlocked MiFi Unit

Purchase Your unlocked Mifi unit from us. An unlocked Mifi Unit allows you to use any Internet ready SIM card in any country. We have sourced and tested the ones we believe are the fastest and easiest to instal and use.
Now purchase your HITs SIM card from us for 5 Euros (with 5 Euros of credit thereon). We have found HITs offers the best and most reliable connection at the best prices.
Choose the pay as you go package to suit your needs. Contact us for the best package deals that can start at 5.10 Euros per month.
Top up the SIM card in line with your chosen package
Keep track of your Internet useage through the HITs website.
Wherever you are in the world you can choose the Internet Service Provider that currently has the best deals.
We will provide installation instructions with your purchase.

Mini SIM

For only 2 Euros we will cut down your new SIM card purchased from us for use in Ipads and some tablets.

SIM card and modem configuration

For only 5 Euros we will instal your SIM card or USB modem, purchased from us, on your machine. Please note we are good but for configuration in any language other than English or Spanish we do like the owner to be present to translate. Our finest achievement to date is installing the modem on a Finnish laptop without the benefit of a translator. We are still not sure how we did it.

Pay As You Go INTERNET Packages

Choose the surfing package you want. Top up the SIM card. We activate the surfing package. 30 days later you make sure you have enough credit on your SIM card to re-activate your surfing package for the following 30 days. If you have a Spanish bank account you can set up automatic top up. You choose the minimum balance on your SIM card. You choose how much to recharge whenever the minimum balance is reached. The surplus balance is carried forward to the next month. You have total control. No surprises.

Talk and Surf

Using the SIM card in your own UNLOCKED Smartphone

Hits have made it simple. Credit on the SIM card (after deduction of your surfing package) is used for texts and talk. You benefit from the great call rates offered by Hits. Check them out at Estepona Port Business and Internet Centre.


What happens if I use my bandwith allocation inside the 30 days?
You continue to surf at the same speed paying 6 cents per MB if you are PAYGO until the balance on your SIM card is used OR 3 cents per MB if you opted for automatic top up.
How do I top up my SIM card?
Your SIM card is allocated a telephone number. You can top up at many supermarkets, shops, post offices, banks, garages and at Estepona Port Business and Internet Centre.
Will my USB dongle work with Internet Explorer 8?
Unfortunately NO. Bill Gates has done it again. We are currently working on finding a supplier of unlocked dongles compatable with IE8.

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