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Passport Services | UK and Irish Passport Photographs | Passport Application Forms | UK and Irish Passport Applications

Passport Forms Photographs and Submission to the IPS at Belfast from Estepona Port Business & Internet Centre (EportBic)

UK and Irish Passport Photographs

Passport photographs have to be a certain overall size with the head fitting into precise guide lines. The photographs must be taken against an off white background. These parameters are different for UK and Irish passports. We take the photograph and process your image on photographic paper that meets the strict requirements for the paper itself. We also take photographs of new born babies for their first passport application.

UK Passport Applications

As from the 24th January 2014 all UK Passport Applications Abroad must be made on line.
Once the application forms are completed they must be printed off, signed and then sent to the IPS at Belfast. Payment must now be made on line at the time of application. Two photographs must accompany the application. Unless your appearance has changed substantially since your last passport photograph there is no need for a countersignatory. Any supporting documents must also be sent with the application. These may include a Police report in the case of lost or stolen passport and for a first child's passport must include the Spanish birth certificate with a notorised translation and the FULL birth certificate from one parent plus details of the childs grandparents, date of marriage if known, full names, dates and places of birth.


Lost and Stolen Passports Procedure - As of 8th February 2014
The IPS at Belfast now insist on Police Reports being translated into English for Lost and Stolen Passports. Both the original and the certified translation must be sent in with any other supporting documents. The Stolen Passport Notification Form must be faxed to the Embassy at Madrid as soon as possible after the theft or loss.
We can arrange to have your Police Report professionally translated within 72 hours when you submit your application for replacement of your passport.

Details of Grandparents - As of 1st February 2014
The online application forms ask for details of parents and grandparents in some cases, eg. lost and stolen passports. Details requested are date of marriage, birth, passport numbers etc. Many people cannot remember or find these details. Do not worry. Just complete as many details as you can. The more details you submit the faster will be the background checks that are made whenever a passport is applied for, renewed or replaced.

Irish Passport Applications

Irish passports cannot yet be made online, nor can the forms be downloaded. Applicants for an Irish passport must obtain the forms from the Irish Embassy or an Irish Consulate Office. Embassy of Ireland
Ireland House
Paseo de la Castellana 46-4
28046 Madrid
Telephone: + 34 91 436 4093
Fax: + 34 91 435 1677

Honorary Consul of Ireland
Galerias Santa Monica
Avenida Los Boliches, 15
29640 Fuengirola
Telephone: +34 952 475 108
Fax: +34 952 466 783

How the Service Works

  1. Call in and complete the online application form or we will complete it for you
  2. Payment for the Passport and the Return is taken from a credit/debit card that must be suitable for secure online payments. If you do not have one then a friend's or colleague's is OK
  3. Print off and sign the forms
  4. Have your photograph taken and printed
  5. Have one photograph endorsed by a professional who has known you for two years (if your appearance has not altered substantially since your last passport photograph there is now no requirement for a countersignature)
  6. We check the forms and photographs if you supply your own and courier your completed application to Belfast
  7. At this stage, if applicable, we will have your Police Report translated
  8. Arrange to have the new Passport returned to us or to your own home.
  9. If the new Passport is returned to us then we contact you when it arrives and arrange for you to collect it

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