UK and Irish Passport Applications

Passport Applications

All UK and Irish Passport Applications Abroad must be made online.

For both UK and Irish applications payment must be made online at the time of application with a credit or debit card suitable for secure online payments. Any supporting documents must also be sent with the application like your passport and in the case of a first passport or a stolen or lost passport additional documents will be required. All of this will then be sent securely to the Passport Office to be processed.

Our price to assist with either the UK or Irish passport applications, take the pictures and send all required documents securely is 50€.

This price is excluding the cost of the passport itself that is paid directly online with a card.



Current UK Passport Renewal Costs:

Adult Passport Renewal from Abroad : £105.86 (10 Year Passport) – price includes return of passport and documents from UK

Child Passport Renewal from Abroad : Approximately £80 (5 Year Passport – for under 16s)

Please note: The price charged by the passport office may change at any time.

We are currently being told to inform people that the process takes approx. 6 weeks. This time can fluctuate due to the number of applications at the time.




Current Irish Passport Renewal Costs:

Standard Adult Renewal : 90€ (10 Year Passport) – Price includes return of documents and passport from Ireland

Standard Child Renewal : 50€ (5 Year Passport for Under 18s) – Price Includes return of documents from Irland

Please note: The price charged by the passport office may change at any time.



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